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New Beginnings at South Crofty Collection

Posted by Sadie Reeve on 21st April 2021 in Blogging | jewellery,handmade,handmade in cornwall,handmade tin pendants
...cts still handmade with traditional methods here in Cornwall and all with great customer service...! So What Next...We are aiming to build on our existing collections and introduce some exciting new ranges, we are also about to start work on our next Christmas decoration so get on your thinking caps and let us know if there is something you would like to see...   Exciting time ahead!...

Christmas has arrived!

Posted by South Crofty Collection on 17th October 2019 in Blogging |
...Our new Christmas Decoration has arrived! As I'm sure lots of you know, we've created a Christmas decoration every year since 2002, this year marking our 18th design. With designs including Snowflake, Mistletoe, Reindeer, Christmas Tree and more.This year's decoration was designed by Caroline, one of our lovely jewellery makers. It's a beautiful and intricate design that's been handcrafted throughout the whole process. None of our jewellery is mass produced, it is all handmade on site making each product more personal. This year we have released the Christmas Cracker.                             A beautiful decoration that will look perfect on y...