The 10th Wedding Anniversary GuideThe 10th Wedding Anniversary Guide

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The Occasion

Ten years together is a milestone landmark to be celebrated and enjoyed! Whether it is your own anniversary, or family or friends close to you, here are some invaluable tips to make the occasion as special and memorable as possible.

Gift Ideas

As a time-honoured way of showing affection, the giving and receiving of gifts is one of life’s great pleasures. Anniversary presents should be given with the sole intention of delighting the recipient, and the gift should be appropriate to the anniversary. The tradition of associating particular materials, flowers and gemstones to a certain year is a long-standing worldwide custom.

Materials and symbols associated with the 10th anniversary include:

- Tin, to represent flexibility and malleability
- Daffodils, to reflect cheerfulness, happiness and joy
- Colour - blue or silver
- Gemstones - blue sapphire or diamond

Gifts could include jewellery or a decorative item made from tin to represent the durability of the relationship, paying tribute to successfully reaching the first ten years of marriage and looking forward to the next ten!

If your anniversary falls when daffodils are in season, a bunch of these delightful fresh flowers is always a joy to receive.

Celebrating your 10th anniversary together

The actual time of year when your anniversary occurs will have a lot to do with your plans. It's certainly much easier to enjoy a picnic or outdoor adventure in warmer weather - unless, of course, your budget allows skiing down a mountain or some other type of winter fun!

Alternatively, for a quiet and romantic evening at home, first do a bit of research online to find out what the best films were the year you got married, then rent a few, snuggle up and enjoy the evening. Likewise, you could purchase or put together your own compilation of the top songs from the year and dance the night away together. Or maybe visit the place you met and enjoy a trip down memory lane, remembering how it felt getting to know one another, falling in love, getting married, and enjoying the last ten years of your lives.

As long as the two of you are together, however you choose to celebrate will be whatever suits you as a couple. It doesn't really matter what you actually do, just revelling in the day is often all really you need!

A 10th wedding anniversary party

If you want to include family and friends in your celebration, then maybe a party is more your thing. When hosting or planning your party, keep in mind the special symbols and colours when choosing the decorations and invitations.

Silver and blue combine together wonderfully and represent the gemstones associated with the ten year anniversary; diamonds and blue sapphires, symbolising durability and strength.


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