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29 May
May 29
29th May 2019

Up until its closure in 1998, South Crofty Mine had seen continual working for tin and copper since medieval times with an unbroken record of mining activity having been kept since 1670. During the 1830s the mine, then known as East Wheal Crofty, produced copper and was the premier mind in the district. Later split into smaller units, the South Wheal Crofty secton was eventually to become the largest Cornish mine in history. By the end of the 1880s tin had once again become the focus of the pers...

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21 May
May 21
21st May 2019

We are looking for an enthusiastic person to run the South Crofty Collection on a flexible 16 hour basis. The successful applicant will need good communication skills and be able to communicate in a professional manner. A good knowledge of e-commerce websites, as well as Google Analytics and Adwords, would be an advantage, but training can be provided.Responsibilities include acquiring new traders, attending trade shows, maintaining our website, controlling stock levels of finished goods and raw...

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20 May
May 20
20th May 2019

Cornwall is world famous for its mining heritage. Archaeological evidence suggests that the tin industry in Cornwall began over 2,500 years ago. Ancient records of Roman and Greek geographers make reference to merchants trading with Cornish tinners who took the rare and valuable metal all over the known world.   These pioneering Cornishmen streamed the valleys and mined the veins visible in the cliffs and hillsides, and were granted special rights as far back as medieval times. King John gr...

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17 April
Apr 17
17th April 2019

Welcome to the South Crofty Collection blog. Here we’ll post updates from our shop, as well as intoduce you to new items and special offers. You’ll also find articles posted here about all things tin, from the history of Cornish mining to how to care for your tin jewellery.   Our new website is now live, and we have a wide range of items now available in our shop. Browse our newest Collections; explore the Eternity Collection, for luxury diamond jewellery perfect for your 10th wedding anniversary; take a look at the Kerenza Collection, our popular range of contemporary designs; for something more traditional, our Cornish Collection is all about Cornish heritage; and for something ext...